Kami Nishikigoi

Niigata Japan
Made in Japan


  • 2023.4.24紙にしきごいホームページを公開しました
  • Paper carp swimming in space.
    A new way to love nishikigoi.

    “Kami Nishikigoi”

    “Kami Nishikigoi”,or paper carp,are hanging decorations made simply by cutting and opening out a single sheet of paper and suspending it from a thread.A handy way to enjoy the beauty of nishikigoi!

    Making of



    The traditional Japanese aesthetic beauty of koi, swimming in the air. Display, enjoy, be calmed.

    Japan's "swimming works of art" transformed into delicate, palm-sized interior decor. Swaying gently amid in-room air currents, KAMI-NISHIKIGOI looks as if it’s swimming in the air.


    Just pull the string and KAMI-NISHIKIGOI opens fully formed in your hand. Elegant design delivers surprise and excitement.

    Each delicate KAMI-NISHIKIGOI design is laser-machined and carefully finished by hand.
    KAMI-NISHIKIGOI needs only to have the string pulled and be fluffed gently before displaying.


    Light and compact. The perfect souvenir.

    Best of all, KAMI-NISHIKIGOI makes it easy for koi-lovers the world over to take one home with them.
    Makes for a unique and unforgettable gift.


    Niigata Japan


    Completed dimensions (L × W × H): Approx. 240 × 80 × 95 mm
    Collapsed (L × W): Approx. 240 × 145 mm


    Completed dimensions (L × W × H): Approx. 200 × 70 × 85 mm
    Collapsed (L × W): Approx. 200 × 110 mm

    Gift Boxギフトボックス

    A gift box type in which the pre-assembled "KAMI-NISHIKIGOI (M size)" is in a box.
    There are two types, "Kohaku"(red and white) and "Ogon"(gold), which are easy to use for celebrations. Perfect for gift giving in a sturdy box.

    M size 1 piece (assembled) / Product description bookmark included

    gift box Kohaku (red and white)

    gift box Ogon (gold)

    How to assemble KAMI-NISHIKIGOI

    KAMI-NISHIKIGOI is designed to transform from flat to fully inflated simply by pulling the hanging string.

    Hold the tip of the mouth in one hand and the hanging string in the other.

    Gently pull the hanging string.

    KAMI-NISHIKIGOI will inflate and expand.

    - How to make Nishikigoi more beautiful -

    Grasping the fins, gently stretch KAMI-NISHIKIGOI vertically and horizontally to fully expand the mesh and fluff. Your beautiful KAMI-NISHIKIGOI is now complete.

    Note: As KAMI-NISHIKIGOI is made of paper, take care not to apply excessive force when assembling.


    Commonly known simply as “koi” in English, nishikigoi are a colorful variety of carp which spontaneously emerged in an area called Nijumurago (in what is now parts of Nagaoka City and Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture).
    These amazing fish were selectively bred for generations amid the lush natural beauty of mountain valleys by the people living there. Eventually, they came to be called “nishikigoi”—literally “brocaded carp”—because of the beauty of their coloring, resembling that of the finest textiles.
    Today, the beauty of nishikigoi is such that they are referred to as “swimming jewels” and are appreciated the world over as living works of art.